Megan Renee Ravagni is a collage artist from Southwest Florida, currently living in Seattle WA. Megan attended Ringling College of Art and Design where she studied illustration, printmaking, painting, and photography. Though a fan of all forms of visual art, Megan excels primarily in the art of collage and prefers this medium above all others. Her specific interests can be classified as “vintage,” and it is through her love of nostalgia that she finds inspiration. The highly saturated colors and mid-century themes of antique periodicals are the driving force behind each piece. Every collage is hand cut, holding true to it's original state rather than conforming to digital alteration.


Megan is a full-time freelance artist with consulting and management experience from an established Contemporary Art Gallery. She enjoys the bright lights of urban living and is joined in downtown Seattle by her husband Matthew and her dog Shadow. Megan is available for private commissions, public installations, album/book cover art, advertising, etc.